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Each site is different, and therefore the way it is put together is different.
There are many ways to achieve the objectives set when the site is thought out and then implemented, these include:
  • Macromedia Flash
    9 times out of ten when you visit an interactive site it has been constructed with the help of Macromedia Flash. This creates streaming website pages that can start working before they have totally downloaded, unlike a normal image.
  • CGI Scripts
    CGI stands for Common Gateway Interface and is the means by which browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Netscape, Opera etc) can communicate with the servers (the computers that make web pages available on the web).

    One of the most famous CGI Scripts is Matt Wright's Formmail script which is usually used to send the contents of a enquiry form as an email, CGI Scripts can also be used for Auctions, Calculators, Calendars, Chat sites, Classified Ads, Content Management, Counters, Database Tools, Discussion Boards, E-Commerce, Form Processors, Games, Guestbooks, Image Manipulation, Password Protection, Polls and Voting, Postcards, Security, Site Mapping, Web Traffic Analysis and much, much more.

  • Javascript
    This is a very versatile programming language that enables all sorts of things to happen. The menu on these pages is created using Javascript.

    Examples of Javascript are all over the Internet and are used to create some of the following:

    Alerts and Prompts, Background Effects, Banner Rotation, Calculators, Calenders, Clocks, Cookies, E-Commerce, Email Scripts, Forms, Games, Graphs, Links and Buttons, Mouse Tricks, Navigation, Redirection, Text Effects, User Authentication, Control of Windows and Frames and more.

  • PHP
    This is another programming language that can be used for many similar purposes to cgi scripting.
  • Content Management System
    New is this means of editing your site in your own browser in a 'Word' style environment, this means no waiting for your web developer to fit the work into their schedule and no website maintenance costs. Click here to visit a demonstration of this facility

There are also many other technologies available such as Active Server Pages, MySQL databases and many more, so whatever the task there is usually an answer.

To get an idea of the costs involved in setting up a web site visit our Price Guide, bear in mind that all sites are individual and therefore prices do vary considerably from site to site.

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