Content Management System

Imagine being able to edit your website once it had been designed and set up, this is now possible, try out the demo below to see what you can do.

You can edit the region between the menu above and the menu at the foot of this page, double click on the Content Management System header above to start the CMS editing software (This will open a login panel at the bottom of the page).
You will need to use the username test and password test to access the editing stage.
This demonstration is only working in a limited fashion to maintain security on our server, a fully configured version also has administrator access where 'roles' can be given to different users so they can only modify certain areas of the site, you will also be able to 'Save As' to create new pages, edit the page Title, Description and Keywords in the metatags, Browse the other pages on the site to edit them and much more.
You can add images, text, flash files, hyperlinks, upload files onto the server and more.
Once you have made your changes click on the Publish Page button and it will be saved onto the server (a little pop up message will tell you that the new content has been saved, this will appear in the top right and will fade away after a few seconds).
Log out to view the page changes to check that all looks ok.

You cannot edit this text but can the text below this, as well as adding images.

edit here



This next piece is not editable so you can see that page layouts can be preset if required to maintain a site 'feel' or layout.

Tou can now edit this next section.

edit this text here



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