Established in 1997 Webgen Design has built up a solid client base, have a look at the portfolio for some examples of our work.

Webgen Design - web site design and hosting - do  you need a web site

Yes! It's the best means of corporate branding, marketing and advertising, it is inexpensive, unparalleled in its ability to hit a target audience and can react to customers automatically and immediately.

We are here to provide a service of help and advice in setting up websites on the Internet. We can do this for businesses, clubs, individuals, or anyone else who wants to be on the 'World Wide Web'. We aim to provide this service in a competitive and friendly manner.

Now is the chance to take advantage of all the new and exciting possibilities that the Internet has to offer. We will look at your requirements and design the solution to give your company the support and flexibility to get the best results from using the Internet.

There are many different aspects in setting up a website. These include setting up a domain name, hosting your site, the design of an exciting website to promote your company (using java, cgi-scripts, Macromedia Shockwave), updating the site, getting feedback from the website, e-mail, e-commerce (secure online trading).

Updating a site is very quick and easy compared to other media, this can be done when needed or on a regular update basis. We could even show you how to do it yourselves if required.

We  can also register your site with all the major search engines such as Google, Excite, Alta Vista, Hot Bot, Infoseek, Lycos, etc.

We aim to provide a site that suits your needs at a budget that suits you.

"We are not happy until you are  happy"


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